Kyoei Golf's Corporate Philosophy

Our basic management policy is to establish a sustainable brand.
We always strive to promote our businesses to society based on activating our purpose.

Tradition and Succession

Tradition keeps evolving while responding to the changing times.
Succession is handing down the assets, the expertise and techniques from the past to future generations.
〇 We will keep using this traditional manufacturing method while flexibly responding to the evolution of golf technology.

Our company's branding

〇 We will keep building our company's brand by which customers want to buy our golf equipment just because they are made by us.  Not only do we provide the highest-quality products, but we also respect the traditional forging techniques and our culture.

Our workforce is the most important asset

〇 Kyoei golf is a group of master craftsmen.
Each of us has a passion and pride in manufacturing and we have inherited and developed the techniques cultivated over many years.
Employees are Kyoei Golf's greatest asset.

Contribution to the local community

〇 We want to contribute to Ichikawa town which has been developed as a town famous for forging and production of golf irons.